Kernal for Word to PDF

Kernal for Word to PDF 11.02.01

Convert Word docs to PDF format


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to password protect document
  • Create PDF in letter or A4 sizes


  • Requires additional Ghostscript installation to work
  • Program gave an error several times

Not bad

Kernal for Word to PDF is a basic converter application for your PC.

If you've ever been concerned about conformity among your Word docs and ensuring they are formatted the same no matter what other computer is used to open them, you've probably wished for an easy way to convert them into PDFs. PDFs retain their formatting under all circumstances, making them ideal document types in which to send important information like your cover letter and résumé.

Kernal for Word to PDF purports to make the process easy for you. In theory, all you have to do is install the program, choose a Word doc (or several), pick some settings preferences, and click the convert button. Kernal for Word to PDF's interface is simple to navigate through. Most users won't even need to read the online help materials to get started.

The problem is that there are a lot of hidden steps users might not initially see in order to get Kernal for Word to PDF to do its job. For one, if you don't have Ghostscript installed in your computer, you'll have to go download that separately. While Kernal for Word to PDF does prompt users without Ghostscript to download it, this is an unanticipated step that adds time to the conversion process. Unfortunately, several undefined errors also made a couple of conversion attempts downright failures. Kernal for Word to PDF doesn't give an explanation as to why a conversion attempt failed either, making it quite difficult to know how to fix it.

When Kernal for Word to PDF works without encountering errors, converting Word docs to PDFs is a breeze - after you've installed the appropriate Ghostscript.

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Kernal for Word to PDF


Kernal for Word to PDF 11.02.01

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